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Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Sprinkler Systems

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A Fire Alarm System protects and saves lives.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that fire alarm systems on protected premises be tested at least once annually. Most local and state agencies require more frequent testing.  Guard Masters's trained and licensed technicians can test, inspect, and repair virtually any type of fire alarm system installed at any location. 

Protecting Life and Property Is Our Top Priority!

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Guard Master field service ensures your systems are ready for an emergency.

Our licensed technicians and NICET-certified inspectorsperform all work in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes 13 and 25.

Professional inspections are scheduled to minimize any disruption.

Regular inspections keep your systems ready to provide the protection they are designed for.  Our comprehensive inspections program confirms that all components will work as designed and will provide a detailed report of all work completed.

Main Items of the Sprinkler System Inspection:

  • Ensure system is in satisfactory condition per NFPA standards
  • Identify site conditions or clearance issues that coupd compromise system performance
  • Check sprinkler heads and control valves for position, condition, accessibility and signage
  • Conduct requires water-flow tests
  • Inspect Fire Department connections
  • Test sprinkler system components
  • Check reserve supply of sprinkler heads
  • Inspect visible piping, hangers, drain valves and guages
  • Test air compressors, preaction valves, pilot ines and solenoid strainers
  • Test low-pressure alarms, supervisory circuits and auxiliary functions
  • Inquire about system modifications, obstructions or changes in storage

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